Relax and rejuvenate with a private spa and massage treatment in the Villa setting in the lush tropical garden. Choose your 2-hour or 3-hour spa treatment package, selecting from options such as aromatherapy, body scrub, foot bath, warm oil massage, or yoga.

Before your treatment begins you will be delighted with a welcome drink. One pineapple juice will simply refresh your mind. There are three spa packages for you to choose from. Each package starts with a foot bath ritual before continuing with a body scrub, Balinese massage and relaxing facial treatment. All treatments are inspired by the ancient healing and Asian beauty traditions.

After your treatment, you will be able to enjoy a ginger tea accompanied with tasteful healthy snacks. The options you may choose from are :

Rama & Sinta
(140 Minutes - IDR 755.000,- / couple)

Begin with foot wash, a soothing dry massage on the back followed by relaxing Balinese Massage. A body cleansing scrub with natural tropical herbs and spices are applied to remove the dead cells and dirt. It is followed with yogurt poured over the body, a soothing aromatic flower bath with tea served and ends with applying the whole body with moisturizing lotion.

Includes :

• Foot Wash ( 5 mins ) • Dry Massage ( 5 mins ) • Balinese Massage ( 60 mins ) • Lulur Body Scrub ( 30 mins ) • Yogurt Body Blitz ( 5 mins ) • Aromatic Flower Petal Bath with Tea Served ( 30 mins ) • Body Moisturizing ( 5 mins )

Tropical Exotic~Me
(120 Minutes - IDR 750.000,- / couple)

Let our indigenous tropical fruits and spice work wonder on your skin. This body treatment is designed to smoothen and strengthen the skin on your face and body. Green tea which is well known as anti oxidant are blended to create a truly natural tropical skin experience. Add on a rhythmic style of natural skin workout after a relaxing Balinese massage. Your skin will emit a radiant healthy glow.

Includes :

• Foot Bath ( 5 mins ) • Balinese Massage ( 60 mins ) • Green tea body scrub ( 30 mins ) • Aromatic flower petal bath ( 30 mins ) • Body moisturizing ( 5 mins )

Fruit's Body Glow
(120 Minutes - IDR 750.000,- / couple)

Traditionally ideal for nourishing and exhilarating the skin. This treatment begin with foot wash, deep pressure dry massage followed by a relaxing Balinese Massage and continued with an application of a nourishing avocado exfoliation. After a refreshing shower, enjoy application of body moisturizer.

Includes :

• Foot Bath ( 5 mins ) • Dry Massage ( 5 mins ) • Balinese Massage ( 60 mins ) • Avocado Body Scrub ( 30 mins ) • Refreshing Shower • Body Lotion ( 5 mins )

Balinese Boreh
(120 Minutes - IDR 720.000,- / couple)

A Balinese treatment to soothe aches and pains, a full body mask made from cloves, chili, rice, ginger, pepper and cinnamon is applied and the body is wrapped in a heater blanket to infuse the therapeutic properties from the spices. During the wrap, a pace and head are massaged. This treatment finishing with a refreshing shower.

Includes :

• Foot Wash ( 5 mins ) • Dry Massage ( 5 mins ) • Balinese Massage ( 60 mins ) • Boreh Mask Application ( 30 mins ) • Refreshing Shower • Moisturizing Lotion Application ( 5 mins )

Travel Retreat
(90 Minutes - IDR 525.000,- / person)

The hours of traveling can leave you feeling weary and tired. This treatment will leave the aches behind as you awake refreshed for the day a head. This treatment begin with dry massage, followed by Salt scrub and Aromatherapy massage.

Includes :

• Dry Massage ( 5 mins ) • Aromatic Salt Glow ( 25 mins ) • Aromatherapy Massage ( 60 mins )

Travel Tonic
(125 Minutes - IDR 450.000,- / person)

Stretch out and relax with Balinese massage plus a brightening Facial treatment. This treatment is recommended for travelers suffering from muscle tension or other aches and pains. This treatment includes deep pressure dry massage, full body massage and facial treatment to ease fluid retention.

Includes :

• Dry Massage ( 5 mins ) • Balinese Massage ( 60 mins ) • Traditional Facial ( 60 mins )

(60 Minutes - IDR 220.000,- / person)

Essential oil warms the body, release fragrances which positively affect well - being. A special design aromatherapy massage with a series of movement to relax the body and the power of essential oils is harnessed in a range of superbly effective treatment to answer all different physical needs such as relieving stress and muscle aches or improving circulation, rebalance the nervous system.

Balinese Massage
(60 Minutes - IDR 210.000,- / person)

A soothing integration of various massage style to enhance relaxation, dispel tension and stimulate circulation. Expect a blend of stretching, long strokes, acupressure and muscle manipulation in warm and slow movement with intention to the entire body. This massage flowing rhythm for an incredible experience.